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1. Choose your location in our Map; Tap or click the red circle in the map. 



2. Choose the exact location on which area you need to park.
3. Choose your preferred date and time; then add it to the cart.
choose time slots and parking owner details 
4. Click the checkout button (For first time use you need to register)
5. You need to complete the payment before you park. 
confirmation area

6. Payment will redirect to PayPal

 paypal owners


credit card option

Note: Your payment will go straight to the parking owner. 

Add your location

If your location is not yet added in our list or If you think your location was not yet in our Map; Please email us here and we will add your location for free.


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How to Join and Share your parking slots to get extra income:

You need to register first in our registration Area. Once you have completed our registration; you need to choose which monthly subscription you prefer. Monthly subscription has 3 options (1, 3 and 6) months.


  • You will recieved in real time straight to your Paypal account everytime someone will book in your parking slot.
  • Fast transaction between the parking owner and the Parking user
  • Payment via online (PayPal)
  • Real time transactions
  • Payment go straight to your PayPal account
  • Price at your owned rate per hour
  • Utilized your properties

For customers that will be using the Parking slots:

Parking customers can book directly to our platform. Very easy and straight forward. Choose the date and time you preferred then add it to your cart and finish the transaction. After you finished the transaction including the payment you will recieved email notification with your booking confirmation. Parking customers can also rate or give feedback to the parking owners.





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