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Question 1

How to share a parking slot? 

Your need to register first to our platform and get extra income to your parking slot. Once you have completed the registration process, we will evaluate if the information is correct. We will send you an email if our admin team needs more information. We will make sure everything is correct; so that there are no confusions if someone booked online for the parking slot. Normally, the process will take 1-2 days depending on how you responded on our questions and clarifications.  
How much per hour?  
You as an owner of the parking area; You have the power of how much you sell your parking slots per hour to your clients. During registration you need to input how much per hour you wanted to rent your parking slots.  


Question 2

How to book / reserve a parking slot?
You need to select first which location you need to park then select the preferred time. The minimum hours of booking and reservation is 2 hours. Once you have chosen the location and time you need to add it in your cart and proceed to check out. Full payment must be paid first before you park.


Question 3

I cannot find the parking spot I have booked?
You need to contact the parking owner if you have trouble in your parking location. The contact details for the parking owner can be found on the booking location.


Question 4

Can I cancel my booking reservation?
Yes, Cancellation is allowed 2 hours before your booking schedule. We will issue a refund thru your MoveParking account. You can use your refund in your next booking and reservation. There will be a 20% deduction on the total cost. 


Question 5

What is subscription?

Subsription is fixed amount rate per month that we collect. If someone book on your parking slot. The payment will go straight to your PayPal account. Fixed rate cost is depending on which geographical location. If you do not have Paypal account we strongly suggest to create an account. Creating Paypal account is free of charge.

Note: PayPal will collect charges on your services. For more information about the PayPal charges. Please visit there site at


Where to find the details of the parking owner?

How to pay using credit and debit cards?

Click here for the answers